About us

Radio Metro Mail (RMM) is an online radio infotainment channel, which broadcasts educational, informational, cultural and entertainment programs. RMM serves the interests of Bangla and non-resident Bangladeshi communities across the world.   Our tag line “Bishwa Bapi Amra’ (‘Around the world’) speaks about ourselves. We like to serve the community through tracking, recording, analyzing and interpreting various aspects of business, education, social and cultural issues in the society. We broadcast 24-hour programs from Toronto, Ontario.

We aim to bind the feelings, emotions of the Bengali people residing globally and merging them to a single platform. We strongly encourage global Bangladeshi community to shout their voice, views, feeling and share them.
We mainly cover soft news/features about people, places, and issues that concern global Bangladeshi Diaspora/community. We create the kind of content that our listeners and clients feel related to and want to deeply engage with. Our simple, empowering and inspiring content is designed to help people improve their lives and grow their connections, uphold their confidence and feel motivated for innovation.

We want to become a successful media company to maximize synergy between development and global market by offering the best content, distribution, support and overall value in all the segments that we operate in.

We want to be the most successful media company through sharing information on-line and off-line and upholding the idea of a free society. We foster freedom of speech and cultural diversity in our company, in our media and in the different regions of the world.

Social Mission:
To operate the company in a way that facilitates the process to improve the quality of life locally, regionally, and globally.

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